Know These 5 Top Malaysian Female Fashion Trends in 2023

female fashion

The advancement in the female fashion industry has been very intriguing yet exciting to explore. You can see all kinds of fashion from every corner of the world; each with their own unique design that is influenced by culture or the environment.

For example, countries in the middle east will wear turbans and long, breathable robes in order to cope with the environment around them. The same goes to other countries as the environment will shape the general fashion.

Malaysian Female Fashion

In Malaysia, the current female fashion trends are heavily influenced by the western fashion. However, due to its hot climate, Malaysians prefer breathable clothes instead of thick clothes.

You will never see anyone wearing snow coats because it will be very uncomfortable for anyone as it is hot in Malaysia. Plus, you might be seen as fashion illiterate amongst your colleagues because of it.

So, if you are a Malaysian female, you should at least have some fashion sense and be aware of the current trends that Malaysian women are following at the moment. So, let’s know these 5 top Malaysian female fashion trends in 2023.

1. Statement Sleeves

female fashion

This trend has been one of the most sought-after female fashion trends in 2023 and it is expected to rise to be a longer lasting trend. It is a style of sleeve that starts halfway between your elbow and shoulder.

Usually, statement sleeves will have a rubber at your arm, and then kick out with some serious volume of extra cloth. The view of the sleeves when the breeze blows over it is a sight to see.

2. Sustainable or ‘Slow’ Fashion

It is not surprising that this kind of fashion is popular even in 2023. Sustainable fashion still has a high demand due to its nature of being relevant for any time, anywhere.

Many Malaysians tend to think of wearing a particular female fashion for the long haul. This could save some money to wear the same clothes, but are still relevant to this day.

3. Floral Concept

female fashion

Flower pattern dresses have always been a choice for Malaysian women due to its feminine nature. Nobody can resist the beauty of the mother earth being incorporated into the dress that women wear.

You can also pair your floral dress with a jean jacket. The combination from these two will make a killer look that will surely entice your husband. You can also remove the jacket and tie it to your hips to create a versatile look.

4. Cardigan

A cardigan is the most popular choice for women who love the edgy look. It is described as a type of knitted sweater that usually has an open front. It is usually worn as a jacket.

You can pair it with a dress and jeans to create a unique, yet modest look. After all, women in Malaysia majorly consist of Muslims. With this fashion, you can look trendy as well as complying with your Islamic beliefs.

5. Kaftan by Thalia Baiduri

Amongst the listed female fashion trends, there is none that can compete with this kind of fashion’s popularity. Kaftan kurung has emerged to be the most sought-after fashion amongst Malaysian women in Malaysia.

It is a garment that extends to your ankle with long, flowing sleeves. It gives your skin a breathable room and it is very comfortable for Muslimah women to wear while being fashionable as well.

There are lots of local and international brands that you can buy from. One of the most notable local brands is TALIA by Thalia Baiduri. It was founded by none other than the famous Datin Thalia Baiduri.

Since its launch in 2022, this brand by Thalia Baiduri has risen in terms of popularity. The kaftans are made of cey crepe material, which makes the fabric to be ironless.

Datin Thalia Baiduri’s TALIA also offers various types of Muslimah such as palazzo sets and many more. You can view all the catalogues that Thalia Baiduri has to offer by visit our online store or WhatsApp us for assitance.


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