Kaftan Kurung: Origin Of Kaftan

kaftan kurung

Fashion has always been a thing that people care about since centuries ago. As society begins to take shape in any corner of the world, they will develop their own clothing that sometimes become part of their cultural identity.

Kaftan Kurung

When a tourist comes to that particular country, most of them will have the urge to try the particular country’s fashion trends. For example, you will probably be interested in wearing a Malo (loincloth) when you are visiting Hawaii.

As human as we are, the urge exists due to our basic nature which is to be connected with the environment around us. Hence, fashion is one of the ways to connect or relate with the society around you.

Every country has their cultural clothing; Hanbok belongs to the Koreans, while Kimono originates from Japan. However, where does kaftan kurung originate from? Let’s find out the origin of kaftan.

History Of Kaftan Kurung

Kaftan (or caftan) is becoming more popular in Muslim countries especially Malaysia. People in Malaysia are wearing it as kaftan kurung, however kaftans were not originated from Malaysia. Instead, it is said that it originated from ancient Persia.

It was historically documented that it was worn in Algeria during the 16th century, while some scholars argued that kaftan came from the ancient Mesopotamia, then later on has widespread it’s popularity to the Ottoman Empire.

The word Kaftan or Caftan is describing a variant of the robe or sometimes tunic. Due to the clothing’s characteristics of being designed as a long, loose-fitting tunic, it has its own uniqueness when it is compared to other types of clothing.

The length of the kaftan that Arabic men wore during the dawn of Islamic Empire stretches down to the knees, while pairing it with long pants. As time progresses, the designs begin to evolve bit by bit.

It was documented that the early 20th century silk kaftan from Morocco has added patterns to be stitched on the kaftan. It has a floral brocade pattern with a button closure as well as an integrated belt.

The Rise Of Kaftan Kurung

The surge of popularity regarding Malaysian kaftan kurung rose exponentially near the end of 2010’s, and there are several new brands that sell kaftan clothing.

In the present time, the designs are becoming more variant and eye-catching. With the existence of modern equipment and printing technology, the design possibilities are limitless.

Kaftan is often associated with femininity, hence it dampens the interest of Muslim men in Malaysia as they do not want to be made fun of by the other male friends. However, it is becoming one of the women’s choices of clothing in Malaysia.

Why do you ask? It is due to the immense heat that people in Malaysia have to endure. Being a Muslim woman, they are required to cover their aurah from the gaze of other men so they could not afford to wear clothes that expose their skin.

So, what should they do? Wearing thick clothes will only make them feel more uncomfortable because there is no air coming into the thick clothing. Hence, when kaftan kurung were introduced, women loved it so much.

Furthermore, some of the modern concepts of kaftan kurung moden have a zipper that is so convenient for pregnant mothers to feed their babies. Kaftan kurung is loose and uses a slim fabric that gives your body a room to breathe.

The design of Malaysian kaftan kurung for women will go down to the ankles, which is very convenient for Muslim women to cover their aurah and look very beautiful and trendy.

Those are the origin of kaftan and how Malaysian kaftan kurung rose in popularity. If you are looking for a quality and fashionable kaftan kurung, you can shop here and contact us for any question or WhatsApp us directly.


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